REQT Guild Rules

Nas a posted Mar 28, 15

Please take a moment to read over the guild rules and guide lines. These are set by the Officers and leaders of REQT and are subject to change over time. Revisions can be made as issues arise and we grow. The main thing to remember is have fun.

Guild Mission Statement

REQT exists to have fun in a community of friends through events and activities. We are a Tarnished-Coast based server, but all are welcome.

Core Values

  1. REQT has no rep requirements
  2. REQT respects others in chat and behaviour.
  3. REQT supports multiple playstyles among our members.

Age Restrictions

All Guild Members must be 16+.

Guild Chat
REQT is an openly social guild and thus, does not have very strict chat rules, but we do ask that chat be respectful of others. We also ask that the following be avoided:

  • Overly raunchy chat.
  • Excessive swearing that disrupts conversations or could lead to people feeling uncomfortable.
  • Directly insulting, demeaning, or tearing somebody down.
  • Racial slurs, sexually demeaning language, or other highly insulting terminology.
  • We ask that guild members avoid controversial debates and conversations in open guild chat. These topics include - Politics, Religion, and controversial world events. Although we like to encourage a free and open chat for our members, these topics can escalate quickly and are best left to be discussed in a private manner (ie. party chat or whispers).

Chat may be gently rerouted, or a person may be kindly and privately asked to tame the conversation by an officer or leader, if necessary.

Spamming is not appropriate.


There are no rep requirements, other than leadership positions within the guild (ie. Mentors, Officers, and Leaders). We do encourage you to make REQT your home for social activity to get the most out of it, but this is not a must! Guild Wars 2 was created so you may enjoy the game how you wish.

We do ask the following:

  • When openly repping REQT you behave in a way that reflects well on the guild. Please do not insult other guilds or other people while portraying our tag.
  • Please do not troll others.
  • Do not use REQT as your PuG guild. We ask that you do not only rep to get people into your party for content. Those who treat REQT as a PuG guild will be removed.


Inactive members will be removed from the guild if they have not logged into the game for 2 months. A mail will be sent out and upon return if you would like to rejoin the guild Just let someone in leadership know.